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Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: A service like no other!

We were not surprised with the previous reviews about Harmony Chinese Takeaway because all praises about the takeaway restaurant were genuinely accurate.


Many people loved this takeaway because it serves top notch Chinese food. No overblown menu with overblown prices and no trendy street food pretensions. They were one of those ordinary and humble stores you would see on streets. However, Harmony offers great service like no other Chinese takeaway. Reviews claim that it was not easy to find such good takeaway restaurant.


When it was our first time to order at Harmony, we saw how friendly the staffs were. We ordered chicken and noodle soup, honey dew chicken wings, salt and garlic chips and egg fried rice. Surprisingly, all the foods we ordered were very delicious! After then, we promised to come back again to the place every time we crave for tasty Chinese foods.


We were aware of the negative reviews about Harmony Chinese Takeaway and we believed that most of those responses came from people who were expecting an extravagant place with the same level of lavishness as a luxury Chinese restaurant. Well, if that’s your thing, look elsewhere. As mentioned earlier, its exterior and interior were simple but their service and food were great.


One of my friends who doesn't like tofu before suddenly loved the C8 Ma Po Tofu of Harmony Chinese Takeaway after she tasted it once. She’s now addicted to it. We were always grateful to taste good Chinese foods at a simple town.


The delivery was fast unlike other Chinese takeaways and it has polite service. The menu has a good range and a few nice surprises. The food was always amazingly cooked and piping hot. Travelers who came from faraway places tried this takeaway restaurant and they commended the food because it was just as good as its service.


Source: http://onlineordergo.co.uk/harmony-chinese-southbourne